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Kingston upon Thames

When he had said this, as they watched, he was lifted up, and a cloud removed him from their sight.  As he was going, and as they were gazing intently into the sky, all at once there stood beside them two men in white who said, 'Men of Galilee, why stand there looking up into the sky?  This Jesus, who has been taken away from you up to heaven, will come in the same way as you have seen him go.'  Acts 1:vv9-11

Recorded material - 2018

Our web site contains material recorded in Kingston United Reformed Church.  It is available for podcast under the terms of our licence from the Performing Rights Society, which is renewed annually in August.

You may listen to an audio stream or, if you wish, you may download the entire audio file.  Recorded material from previous years may be accessed from the pages found here.

10.00 service - 24th June 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett God cares for me
10.00 service - 17th June 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The perspective is everything
10.30 service - 10th June 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton KURC Gift Day
10.00 service - 3rd June 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ted Bellingham
10.00 service (sermon withheld) - 27th May 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Sukin Lee Sermon available on request from Sukin Lee
10.00 service - 20th May 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The Advocate
10.30 service - 13th May 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Christian Aid
10.00 service - 6th May 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ted Bellingham His commands are not too hard for us!
10.00 service - 29th April 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett Jesus said: I am the true vine
10.00 service - 22nd April 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Life as a loved person
10.00 service - 15th April 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The eyes of faith
10.30 service - 8th April 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton A time for reflection
11.00 service - Easter morning 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
09.00 service - early Easter morning 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton [partial recording]
10.30 service - 11th March 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ted Bellingham God's greatest gift
10.00 service - 4th March 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton The call to justice
10.00 service - 25th February 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Suffering
10.00 service - 18th February 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett
10.30 service - 11th February 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton
10.00 service - 4th February 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Doing God's will
10.00 service -28th January 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton New teaching
1530 service - 25th January 2018 [Slideshow] [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Thanksgiving service for the life of Pat Brooks
10.00 service - 21st January 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Ken Bartlett God changes His mind
10.30 service - 14th January 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton Tony Wenman - finale as Organist of KURC!
10.00 service - 7th January 2018 [Listen] [Download]
  Lesley Charlton